Below are answers to questions we have received many times.

How can I fix a clogged toilet?
Try using a toilet plunger before calling. However, if this does not work on the first try, do not continue flushing.

Why does the toilet keep running?
The is one of the most common plumbing questions asked. The usual reason is that the flap in the bottom of the tank isn't sealing shut. Take the top off the tank and flush the toilet while watching the rubber flap. Does it completely close? If not, even though water is entering the tank, some of it is flowing out through the unsealed flap and therefore, the water continues to run because the float ball trigger is never activated to stop the flow since water never reaches the fill line. That's why jiggling the handle works to stop the running. It's attached to the rubber flap with a chain, and jiggling it will reposition the flap so that it may seal more securely.

What do I do if my ring drops down the sink drain?
If you drop a ring down the drain - Try using a coat hanger to fish it out.

What makes pipes freeze and burst?
Water expands when it freezes. This is the same reason that pop cans burst in the freezer.  When you have a pipe full of water that is exposed to freezing temperatures, the water in the pipes expands as it freezes, causing a tremendous amount of pressure that will eventually cause the pipe to bust.

What do I do when my dishwasher clogs up?
Try clearing the area around the drains it may have pieces of food covering it and preventing drainage.

What do I do about a sewer gas odor?
Make sure traps are full of water, since the water in floor drains and other drain traps tends to evaporate. Make sure all caps are on and secure. Sometimes a small amount of bleach poured into the drain seems to help.

Is it OK to pour grease down my kitchen sink?
Grease that is liquid when you pour it into the drain from your frying pan quickly becomes a stiff, sticky, and insoluble lump inside the pipe. Grease should never be flushed or put down sink drains.

Is there harm with flushing chemicals down the toilet?
Avoid flushing chemicals into the waste water treatment system. Introducing chemical compounds such as drain cleaner, paint, thinners, or other household cleaners result in imbalances at the waste water treatment plant.