Water Heater Installation and Repair
Is your water heater old or giving you trouble?  Olson Plumbing Inc can have you back up and running in no time.  Olson Plumbing Inc has the ability to fix or replace any heater, whether it is gas or electric.  Our trained service technicians will run a diagnostic test on your heater to determine where the problem has occurred.

Sewer / Drain Cleaning and Replacement
Is your sewer backed up or giving you problems?  Our service technicians carry augers and sewer machines with them at all times for our customer’s convenience.

Slab Leak and Re-pipe Specialist
Slab leaks can be costly and inconvenient.  Olson Plumbing Inc has leak detection capabilities and the knowledge to make repairs.  Many times, a slab leak can be the beginning of the end for your domestic water system.

Backflow Prevention and Certification
If you need a backflow tested, repaired, replaced or just a new installation Olson Plumbing Inc  would like to help.  If you received a failure or testing notice on your back flow preventer, call us today.

Home Plumbing Repair and Replacement
Olson Plumbing Inc has a full service department that serves the central South Dakota area.  Our service team is trained and extremely professional.  Our clients can expect great service and a company that stands behind their product.

Bathroom Remodeling and Repair
Remodeling a bathroom can be a large undertaking.  Having Olson Plumbing Inc. on your team can ensure things go smoothly.  Olson Plumbing Inc provides top notch service for the duration of your project.

Kitchen Remodeling and Repair
A kitchen is the foundation of any home.  Having the right contractor on your remodel is crucial to its success.  Olson Plumbing Inc brings years of experience and knowledge to your kitchen remodel.  We work closely with our suppliers to ensure you are satisfied with your fixture and faucet selections.

Solar, Energy and Water Conservation
Are you looking to do your part in saving the environment or just save money?  Whatever the motivation, plumbing is a great place to start.  Olson Plumbing Inc  has the skills to help you join this movement.  There are many options to choose from and our team will walk you through the process and help you find the best fit.